Chileans accused of terrorism in Spain: “Death to the State, long live anarchy”

Gonzalo Lama
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Mónica Caballero and Francisco Javier Solar, accused of placing a bomb in the basilica “of Pilar” in Zaragoza, left the hearing of trial against them, yelling anarchists slogans.

This Thursday ended the trial against the Chilean couple, accused of terrorism in Spain. Now, the tribunal has between 5 and 10 days to pronounce the sentence.

Due to the gravity of the incident and the addition of another similar crime on the outskirts of Barcelona, the Spanish prosecuting requested 44 years of imprisonment for each one.

According to the daily, “El Periodico de Aragón”, Mónica Caballero assured they are not part of any kind of anarchist organization. The woman closed her statement saying “Death to the state, long live anarchy”.

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