Public spending decreases 3.45% in January and falls for first time in 21 months

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After the Government announced the fiscal adjustment, due to the economic situation of the country, the Budget Direction, pointed out that in January, the public spending decreased 3.4%, recording its first falling since April of 2014.

According to note published by Economy and Business from El Mercurio, in January the Government costs were calculated in US$3.747 million, a decrease of 3.4% in relation to the same month of 2015.

January of 2016 has been established as the second month, during the administration of Bachelet, in which the public spending decreased, preceded by April of 2014.

Among the details of the expenses, it was reported that the investments dropped 3.3%, while the ordinary expenses have increased 2.8%, outlining the rise of 7.9 percentual points, regarding to the money used on staff.

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