Zaldivar promotes Ricardo Lagos as the 2018 President

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The DC senator, Andrés Zaldivar, suggested this Saturday that the ex President, Ricardo Lagos, “has all the competence to continue serving the country”.

According to El Mercurio, Zaldivar interrupted his vacations at the Maule region to propose Ricardo Lagos as the presidential option who “fills all the requirements to be the tomorrow´s alternative”.

In addition, the senator discarded that Lagos’ age could be a problem to govern the country. Lagos will be 80 years-old in 2018.

“Let’s hope for the emerging of new generations, for a leaderships’ renewal, but this does not mean that experience will be excluded”.

The debate about the presidential elections, has been opened during the second year of President Bachelet’s administration, and Zaldivar has discarded that this is happening because of her performance. “On every presidential term, when the second year of management ends, the political projections begin. This is not the exception”.

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