Spanish press confirmed the death of Chilean ISIS Abu Safiyya

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Spanish medias confirmed this Sunday the death of the young Chilean-norwegian jihadist who fought for ISIS at the frontiers of Irak and Syria.

Bastián Alexis Vásquez, best known as Abu Safiyya, was found dead among the four cadavers that remained unidentified of a group of 29 jihadists recently murdered as consequence of the bloody conflict at Middle East, according to El País.

The 24-year-old man had Spanish residence, due to he lived in Barcelona. That´s the reason why Spanish authorities were the first confirming his death. Without having yet any statement from Norway, from where was emitted the arrest warrant against him, after his connection with the Islamic State was discovered.

Abu Safiyya rose to public attention after being the host of an Al Hayat video titled as “The End of Sykes-Picot, but Safiyya made his debut in jihadist propaganda in 2012, according to Argentine Infobae.

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