“Empty supermarkets”: the result of a second movement to sabotage collusion

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A new summon meant to sabotage supermarkets chains was experienced on Sunday. This initiative is the second of its kind to respond to a new collusion case involving now supermarkets chains such as: Cencosud, Wallmart Chile and SMU.

This movement called people to prefer local markets instead of purchasing at the supermarkets previously mention.

Even the Government supported this “citizen movement”. The Minister of Economy, Luis Felipe Céspedes, explained they “share the outrage of the people”.

The organizers have consider this summon as succesfull.

On his behalf, Ernesto Medina, president of “Aquí la Gente”, said that they too were notified of this call, to not buy at supermarkets such us Jumbo, Santa Isabel, Líder, Unimarc, Mayorista 10, Acuenta and Ekono.

While Hernán Calderón, president of Conadecus (National Corporation of Consumers and Users), has qualified the response of consumers as massive, after touring different areas of Santiago.

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