Bachelet in regards to the Caval case: “These have been hard times for me”

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The President Michelle Bachelet referred about the trial process of the Caval case and her daughter in law, Natalia Compagnon. The head of State, visibly affected, pointed out that “These have been hard times for me and my family”.

Bachelet arranged a press point, where supposedly she would read a statement related to the prosecuted of Compagnon, but in less than a minute she abandoned the room, close to burst into tears.

“These have been hard times for me and my family, very painful, and without a doubt, the situation has deeply affected me. It´s a normal human sentiment, but the pain has never affected my responsability in the role of Head of State”, she stated.

The president emphasized that Chileans deserve to have the same opportunities and rights.

Compagnon, after the today’s hearing, got the prohibition to leave the country, cannot have any kind of communication with the others involved, and should sign every month.

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