Tension between Bachelet and Burgos would have been analyzed on political committee

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As a result of the visiting to the Araucania realized by the president Michelle Bachelet, without telling to the interior minister, the Government has solicited an extraordinary meeting for this Monday evening in order to analyze the incident.

Thus, the first Monday of the year it had place the expected politic committee at la Moneda, where Michelle Bachelet, Jorge Burgos and Ana Lya Uriarte, stared at each other. Uriarte has been pointed as the main responsible of didn’t tell to Burgos about the presidential travel to Temuco.

Jorge Pizarro, president of the DC party, has confirmed that the situation deserved an extraordinary committee, to be properly analyzed.

Despite of this, the spokesman of the Government, Marcelo Díaz, assured that difficulties between the president and the interior minister have been overcomed.

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