DC proclaimed Burgos as one of their best candidates for the presidential race

Francisco Flores Seguel | Agencia UNO
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“The best candidate of the Democracia Cristiana( DC) for the presidential race is Burgos”, said the Santiago’s Intendant, Claudio Orrego.

On an interview with El Mercurio, the highest authority of the metropolitan region, pointed out that the current Interior Minister is for him, the best option from the party in order to reach the presidential seat.

The posibility has been not discarded by the DC. On the contrary, the senator and president of the party, Jorge Pizarro, said that the state secretary awakes confidence on the people and he also exceed the others.

On his behalf one of the vice-presidents of the party, deputy Matías Walker, assured that if president Bachelet had accepted Burgos’ resignation, he would be their card to reach La Moneda.

In regard to the situation, the president of the High Chamber, Patricio Walker, valued the existence of many leaders inside the DC and mentioned that the time to talk about presidential candidates hasn’t come yet.

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