Study detects arsenic at the Antarctica coming from the Chilean mining

ARCHIVO | Horacio Lyon
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Arsenic was recently found on the Antartic soil stemming from the Chilean mining after a long way of more than 6500 km of distance, according to a study of the Polar and Climatic Center (CPC) of Brazil, spreaded on Monday by a local media.

The scientific investigation which will be published during the coming days at the Atmospheric Environment magazine, would have compared the historic records of copper production of many mining countries like Australia, South Africa and Chile, and concluded that the arsenic resulting during the copper melting process and that is dispersed to the air, was detected at the arctic ice stemming from copper mines mainly located at the northern of our country.

Presently the arsenic is one of the most feared natural contaminating of the planet and its prolonged exposition could provoke in humans different kinds of cancer and other chronic illness.

However, Franciele Schwank , the scientist who headed the investigation, explained to La Tercera that the arsenic levels are very low and would not affect to the ecosystem.

The arsenic detection on the white continent adds up to other pollutants like uranium and lead , which have been detected on the past decades and are threatening to the cleanest continent of the planet.

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