Anglo American announces radical restructuring during the next two years

Anglo American
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Anglo American, the British mining company, who has mines in Chile and South America, announce this Tuesday the reduction of its plant from 135000 to less than 50000 employees, because of the drop of the metals costs .

During an exposition aimed at the investors, the company explained the reduction of its workforce of employees and subcontractors through firings and the cession of assets. Gradual cutbacks that are going to end after 2017.

Anglo American operates with four mines in Chile, eight in Brazil and one in Colombia, according to its website.

“We are going to radically restructure our portfolio and as a consequence, the net result will be a reduction of at least 50000 employees”, a representative of the company assured to the France Presse agency.

“Anyway you have to consider that those 85000 workers are included on the assets we are going to selling, thus, those jobs are not going to disappear because many will continue working for the new owners of the mines”, he added.

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