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Truck drivers announced national strike if Bachelet doesn’t visit La Araucania

Rodrigo Sáenz | Agencia UNO
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Truck drivers gave an ultimatum to the president Michelle Bachelet, warning that if she does not go to La Araucania before the ending of this month they are going to summon a national paralization.

The National Confederation of ground transportation from Chile (CNTC),got together in Temuco and have established a deadline for the president, in order to achieve her visit to the zone to listen to all the violence’s victims by generating concrete solutions.

The president of the CNTC, Sergio Pérez, said that solve this problem is the Government responsability and also that it’s not possible to tolerate the current levels of violence. The leader gave examples about the situation of his trade union, pointing out that during the last incendiary attack a group who were defending the Mapuche’s cause burned four trucks.

On his behalf, the secretary of the CNTC, Sergio Egido, explained that the threats are happening on the freeways, at their homes, on companies and parking lots and as a consequence they are expecting another solution besides to become armed and defend their sources of employment by themselves.

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