Government Accountability Office remains for 7 months without a leader

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This Tuesday will be seven month since Ramiro Mendoza left the leadership of the “National Audit Office” and the post still vacant. The Senate rejected-27 days ago- the nomination of Enrique Rajevic as the new Institution chief.

Regarding to this situation, the Senator Blado Prokurica ( RN), said that the alleged delay of the Government do not have any justification. In addition, he criticized the influence of the Interior Minister, Jorge Burgos, on the nomination of the new candidate.

On his behalf, the president of the Christian Democracy party (DC), Jorge Pizarro, has rejected the possibility of a similar circumstance as the one occured when-with just one week of difference- Rajevic was turned down and Jorge Abbot was elected as the new National Prosecutor. This, because of the budget law should being delivered no later than November 30th.

The president of the Socialist Party, Isabel Allende, supported Pizarro’s statements, rejecting a crossing in the negotiations, and assured of not being informed about the names considered by president Bachelet.

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