Congress members called the Government to resume dialogue with Registro Civil

Francisco Castillo | Agencia UNO
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Senator Francisco Chahuán with Deputy Rodrigo González called the government to resume the negotiations with the officers of the Registro Civil to reactivate the conflict that was paralyzing the service for over 10 days.

Chahuán assured they have offered its intermediation with the Ministry of Justice, awaiting that the government fulfills their promises to get an agreement capable of ending the strike.

In addition he expressed that they are going to present indications to the budgetary law, even if they could be declared as unacceptable. Just to point out the importance of resume the dialogue with the officers of the Registro Civil.

The president of the Association of Officers of the Registro Civil, and also the national secretary of the institution, Jorge Martinez, highlighted that the service is very interested in a reconciliation with the government to restart the negotiations, which currently are on a dead point.

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