Government prepares “institutional via” to new constitution

Pablo Vera | Agencia UNO
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Minister Jorge Burgos, explained that the government proposal to advance in order to get a new Political Constitution, would be part of a new chapter of the current Constitution and thus, it is going to set the requirements for its modification.

In reaction, Senator Alejandro Navarro, accused of “political naivety”.

Since this weekend the government political committee, headed by the Interior Minister, Jorge Burgos, should be provided the draft of the constitutional proposal to president Bachelet.

According to La Tercera information, the proposal will come by the “institutional via”, as a project which is seeking to add a new chapter to the current Constitution. It could be transitory or permanent.

This new chapter would be included the deadlines and requirements to replace the current text, and in addition, it will contain at least three options for the creation of a new Constitution, like a constituent assembly, and a plebiscite to ratify the document.

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