“Those Are False Accusations” states the mother of the child found being nursed by a dog

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ARICA, CHILE – A week ago an unbelievable case shocked the country: a 2-year-old baby was found being nursed by a dog, inside a garage in Arica.

A neighbor who witnessed the scene called the Police. Then, the baby who was in a very poor state of health and with clear signs of undernourishment was urgently moved to the nearest hospital.

Because the child’s mother was found under the influence of alcohol, the toddler stayed under the protection of The Family Tribunal, Consequently, the women got under judicial ban to see her son.

Last Monday morning, the woman, identified as Zulema, was interviewed by Mega’s Morning Show: “Mucho Gusto”, where she claimed that her son was a healthy baby and denied the accusations.

The women responded: “Those are false accusations he had never been nursed by a dog.

My son medical records are up to date”, adding that she gave to the little boy about three bottles of milk every night. According to the statements gathered by La Nacion daily.

In relation to the accusations, she argued that he was a restless baby: “The door was left open and bam! He ran away. I warned him many times but he did not understand. He is very obstinate.”

According to her declarations she travels from Lima to Arica every two months, to withdraw the child’s support given by the child’s father.

Finally, when she was asked about her alcoholic state at the moment the toddler was found, she said she was celebrating The Earth day. “I drank in the name of ‘La Pachamama’ (Mother Earth).”

Lee la noticia en español en este enlace.

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