Temuco residents panic after seeing stuffed animal cat being towed by a garbage truck

Municipalidad Temuco | ‏@municipiotemuco
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TEMUCO, CHILE – An unusual sight caught the attention of many drivers circulating through one of the main avenues of Temuco last Tuesday afternoon.

A woman driving her car through the O´Higgins and Caupolicán intersection took a picture of a dreadful scene depicting the city´s trash truck as it towed what appeared to be a dead cat.

The picture quickly turned viral on social networks causing an angry uprising among the public, animal rights groups and Temuco residents who have condemned the incident.

However, some hours later, the true identity of what had hung from the truck was revealed.

The Municipality of Temuco clarified the situation through a statement on its Twitter account, pointing out that the object was a stuffed animal unknowingly tied to the truck and not a real cat. Additionally, the Municipality urged the community to show more respect for the sanitation workers, as the negative comments had turned aggressive after the image went viral.

It also affirmed that the workers did not notice the issue because once the truck was emptied, they moved to the front part of the vehicle.

Finally, it emphasized the importance of clarifying the incident out of respect for those who work with waste disposal, a job that is appreciated by few people.

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