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Incomes increased 6.2% the last year in Chile

Cristóbal Escobar | Agencia UNO
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The Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas (Statistics National Institute), published this Monday, July’s General Remuneration Rates and the Workforce Cost.

According to the entity, the remunerations went up 1% and the Workforce Cost increased 1.2% during July.

About that, the Institute said: “both variations are the highest of the year, mostly because of the monthly minimum income readjustment. Which was put into action on July”.

In addition, the statistics had shown that in the last 12 months, the remuneration rate increased a 6.2% and the same happened with the Workforce Cost scores that reached a 6.9%.

The incomes which show the bigger enlarge belong to real states, corporation and renting activities, followed by construction and manufacturing industries.

In the Workforce Cost the biggest increase was, by the second consecutive time, the commercial sector. Followed by real states, corporation, renting and construction activities.

The positive performance of the enlisted sectors, in both rates, can be explained by the escalation between the basic salary, incentives and prizes. In contrast, Public Administration has registered the only negative hint, in association with the high June comparison base. When quarterly and scholarship bonus were paid.

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