Felipe Kast after being arrested in Cuba: I WAS BEING HIT ON THE FLOOR

Pablo Rojas | Agencia UNO
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Around 6:00 of this Monday morning, the Evópoli representative, Felipe Kast, arrived to the Arturo Merino Benitez Airport in Santiago, after being arrested for his participation in a pacific protest organized by the Cuban´s Damas de Blanco.

At his arriving, the parliament member said that during the march, the pacific demonstration turned violent because of a fierce clash with a crash group -. “The Castro troop’s supporters, attacked us with no previous talk (…) , they arrested me without asking for our ID document. I was under detention for two and a half hours, until they finally allowed me to make a call”.

“I was being hit on the floor, handcuffed (…), it is hard to watch a government that hits women”. He added.

Kast said that he was expecting the situation not to be ’politicized’ And requested support in order to help the women who have been under these conditions for 21 weeks, however “They aren’t in the news and what is really happening in Cuba is not of public knowledge. I hope that, as a society, far from what I unfortunately have experienced, we can reflect on what this women are living. They’re only requesting to walk in peace”.

The delegate explained that his visit to the island was for familiar purposes and denied any relation with Heraldo Muñoz´ commission.

In relation to the crash group who detained them and bust them down, the representative emphasized that they were at least a hundred forces. Some of them were dressed as civilians. At this point, they are violating authority’s basic principles”, he sentenced.

Finally, after being asked if the police knew about his condition as a member of the Chilean parliament he said that apparently they didn’t “but that makes it equally serious”.

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