Statements affirm the existence of video recordings of chilean falling from Queen Mary 2

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Relatives of Favio Oñate, the man who has been missing since August 15, after he fell from Queen Mary 2 cruise ship, claim that there are video records from the exact moment the chef fell into the Atlantic Ocean.
According to Carolina Oñate’s statement, some Queen Mary’s crew members involved in service that day reported that they had access to visual records in which the “accident” had been seen.

As a result, the family is demanding to have access to these records in order to be certain about what really happened to the 26-year-old man.

The Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs took part in this case, and had requested that the transatlantic administrators deliver the information so relief can be provided for the Family.

“We are requesting the videos. Part of the information we had gotten says that crew members have already watched them. We cannot understand how they were allowed and we, as Favio´s relatives, are denied to,” added Carolina.

Likewise, she denounces the almost nonexistent information to explain the incident which she blames on “the big pressure inside the squad.”

The Oñate Family is still awaiting some clarifications. However, the investigation will continue for the next three months.

Puedes leer la nota en español en este enlace.

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