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Representatives Andrade and Monckeberg want political parties in the Law of Transparency

Pablo Ovalle | Agencia Uno
Pablo Ovalle | Agencia Uno
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A Parliamentary motion was presented today by deputies Osvaldo Andrade and Cristian Monckeberg, presidents of PS and RN respectively, in order to include political parties in the Transparency Law.

This would mean, for example, that political parties must keep the regulations of their parties on their websites, information about their funding systems and data regarding those who are part of the board of directors or have some important position.

Among the information that may appear on the websites is the number of members, addresses, statutes, assets and liabilities and their national and international institutional links, along with other aspects.

One of the proposals to exit the crisis is for the State to fully support political campaigns. Which could be seen as a sign of transparency.

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