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Fire fighters manage to control Reserva China Muerta fire after 23 days of work

David Cortés Serey | Agencia Uno
David Cortés Serey | Agencia Uno
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As controlled, namely that it was managed to stop the fire progression by means of fire walls, was pronounced the fire at the Reserva Nacional China Muerta and the private ground neighboring the Melipeuco County, it annihilated 6.599 hectares of native forest.

The deputy Regional Director of the Forestry National Corporation at the Araucania, Alfredo Mascareño, confirmed that after 23 days of fight done by Conaf fire fighters from different parts of the country, plus Uruguay’s fire fighters and staff from the National Plan of Fire Management of the Argentinean Republic, and a large land and air logistic deployment coordinated by the Onemi, it was possible to control the fire at Reserva Nacional China Muerta that began last Saturday March 14th.

Now, said the Conaf official, we are working in consolidating the fire walls built manually and by means of heavy machinery help.

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