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Two companies linked to Piñera are being investigated for issued payment bills to Soquimich

Felipe Fredes | Agencia Uno
Felipe Fredes | Agencia Uno
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Prosecutors investigate payments from Soquimich (SQM) to companies of former President Sebastián Piñera.

One of the companies is Vox Populi SA, and in 2009 issued at least one bill for 26 million pesos to the mining company. The other is Bancorp SA, which issued bills for 340 million pesos in 2009 to SQM.

The first payment started in August 2009, when Piñera was a presidential candidate. Thereafter payments were regularly even until October 2010, when he was head of state.

Through a public statement Bancorp SA indicated that the bills mentioned and referred to SQM, “are financial advisory services relating to management investments provided by Administradora Bancorp “.

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