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Low temperatures favors fire fight at native forest at Araucania

David Cortés Serey | Agencia Uno
David Cortés Serey | Agencia Uno
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A favorable scenario is developing at the Araucania Region to fight the forest fire at the China Muerta Area and the National Park Conguillio, this due to low temperatures and early morning frost, this fact has allowed the fire fighters to get closer to the fire sources.

These conditions have also allowed to begin the fire fight earlier in the morning and also to build fire walls. This was confirmed by Hugo Pineda, fire technical director, who said that there is an area at the East of the fire that is really active at the moment.

Using the Army’s vehicles, helicopters and Conaf’s vehicles, the firefighters are being moved toward the fire front, because now the objective is to finish the containing lines and by doing so to stop the fire from moving forward.

The most complicated part is being registered at the Malleco Reserve Area, where 3.744 hectares of native forest are still burning despite the work being done by Conaf and the private forestry companies.

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