Iron Maiden’s plane, Ed Force One, was damaged at International Airport in Santiago, after collided with a ground tug, damaging the undercarriage. This way, two of the aircrafts engines were destroyed.

The incident occured minutes before refuelling, when a steering pin presumably fell out, leaving the plane out of control, crashing against the ground vehicle.

Regarding to the situation, the band stated that “Luckily the 20 tons of equipment had not been loaded into Ed Force One at the time of the accident.

Additionally, two ground operators were injured and taken to hospital.

On account of the severe damages, the band, through their official website, reported to their fans, they were ” making contingency arrangements to get to the show in Cordoba with band, crew and equipment intact”.

Besides the show in Chile, the South American tour, considers two other concerts in Argentina, specifically in Córdoba and Buenos Aires.

Despite of the accident, the band expressed their satisfaction after visiting our country, “our visit to Chile was a huge success with 58,000 fans coming to the show as totally brilliant as ever in the Stadium Nacional last night. We love you guys”.