The Bolivian Government accused Chile of attempting to block their nomination to the presidency of the CELAC for the coming 2017.

The Altiplanic vicepresident, Álvaro García Linera, assured that the Chilean diplomacy will not achieve its intention and stated they will get the election.

Garcia said that if Bolivia reach the presidency , their voice in Latin America will be more important, on the campaign of showing their right to have sovereign access to the Pacific Ocean.

Regarding to this point he warned that “If Chile stays in attitude to block the presence of Bolivia at the presidency of a so important organism, is not going to get it . But is going to show itself as an aggresive country at the international context”.

In reaction, the Chilean minister of Foreign Affairs, Heraldo Muñoz, pointed out that “ the countries members of the CELAC should take these statements in consideration, because the presidency of an organism that represent everybody needs impartiality and balance”.

“What Chile is doing is to express its will and its sovereign opinion, due to we believe that Honduras will represent better what we want at the presidency”, Muñoz emphasized.

Currently, the CELAC presidency remains in suspense. The presidents attending the IV Forum being held in Quito, Ecuador, decided to postpone the elections, due to the lack of agreements.