Heraldo Muñoz, the Chilean Chancellor, complained about the “ insults” his government is receiving from the Bolivian president, Evo Morales. While Bolivia remembered that the maritime problem between the two countries is not solved yet. This, according to interviews from a daily from Santa Cruz, city located at the East of the Altiplanic country.

Muñoz and his counterpart, David Choquehuanca were separated interviewed by the tabloid “ El deber de Santa Cruz”, in the middle of crossing of opinions after the verdict of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) of The Hague, related to its competency on the Bolivian demand to have sovereign access to the Pacific Ocean.

The printed medium asked muñoz for the current relations between presidents Bachelet and Morales, and the chancellor responded “ is less than we expected. The policy of the insult and disqualification coming from president Morales and in addition an unilateral demand before the International Court of Justice, have been sitting us on a rare bilateral clima. Unfortunately. “

The Bolivian president recently stated that the historical offers of Chile to resolve the centenary maritime isolation of his country were a mockery, and also he recommended a psychiatrist to Muñoz, due to the critics he made to the Venezuelan support on the Ocean matter.

By his side, Choquehuanca, according to the same publication, emphasized that between the two countries there is a serious pending theme and it should be solved: the bolivian request in order to recover its maritime quality, which was lost on war at the end of the XIX century.

In addition he highlighted that the ICJ verdict has ratified that this problem was not solved and as well as the Court’s competence was clearly declared.