More than 500 aftershocks have been registered those days after the magnitude 8.4 quake of the last Wednesday. The national seismological center informed that 2 shocks were over magnitude 7 and at least 16 were over magnitude 6 on Richter scale. Which has been considered as “high” on the measuring.

Yesterday more than 70 seism were registered between 3 and 6.7 degrees of magnitude. Certainly it was the day which more aftershocks recorded after the quake and tsunami, and four of those highlighted due to its intensity and duration. Causing concern on the population.

The National Seismological center’s director, Sergio Barrientos, talked about this situation on La Tercera site and explained that the aftershocks are a normal consequence after quakes of those magnitude. In addition he remarked that new tremors could be register on the approaching weeks related to the same quake’s fault.

“It´s very probable that the central zone is going to still feeling aftershocks of high magnitudes. Generally the magnitudes decrease but could be happen seism of considerable magnitudes. The tension´s changes generated by the earthquake have produced the re-order perturbation of the geological crust and that is precisely the main cause of this phenomenon”, Barrientos stated.

As a result, the authorities are calling to stay calm and to take the necessary preventions measures to face this aftershocks swarm.

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