OSORNO- This Monday, had placed on this southern city the funeral of Rodrigo Reyes Epuyao, who died after the truck he was driving overturned on Osorno’s central access and then fell from 7 meters height.

The ceremony was marked for his family´s indignation, due to they have to return the coffin in the middle of the service to the legal medical service (SML), after more rests of the victim were discover on the accident location.

Nancy Epuyao, the victim’s mother, explained they have to suspend the ceremony in order to accomplish with the SML formality. In addition she whipped to the entities responsible of his son’s body removal from the accident place.

As well, the women assured that were Rodrigo’s friends and relatives which came across the rest of a body when they returned some days after the incident to the central clover of Osorno.

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