COQUIMBO, CHILE – Many aftershocks has been perceived after the quake of this Wednesday and nobody knows how would be the seism’s behaviors on the next hours.

Sergio Barrientos, National Seismological Center´s director has observed the quake as normal, because it happened over a zone where seism are usual.

Respect to the high magnitude earthquakes of the last years, he pointed out that the frequency is very high because we have 3 massive quakes in the last 5 years over the scale of 8. The quakes of 2010, 2014 and 2015 has been grouped together in a short interval of five years which is not regular on the seismic history of the country.

In relation with the preliminary estimations related to the board coast fracture, Barrientos reported that the coast has been moved 1.5 meters to the west and as well the fault´s ejection achieved 6 to 7 meters.

Even though the tremor´s behavior can´t be determinate, contrasting the previous quakes ‘records with this last quake, there are elements in common and it is possible that the aftershocks can be spread for more than a year. He stated.