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Annotation for gratuity of education was approved by the Senate despite of differences

ARCHIVO | Pablo Ovalle | Agencia UNO
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The Senate approved this Friday the fifth annotation related to the gratuity of the education, this despite of the differences between the Nueva Mayoría on the discussion of the budget.

For 17 votes in favor, 10 against the motion and 4 abstentions, the polemic gloss was finally approved.
Such as the DC senator Ignacio Walker early assured, he abstained on the voting of this item despite of the attempts of some parliamentary to convince him.

“This annotation differentiates arbitrarily between students who are equally vulnerable, and it cannot be pretend to legislate through a budget gloss what should be object of a general law”, Walker said.

On his behalf the opposition assured that the Government will discriminate against the students due to the place in where they are going to study, giving to them higher education if and only if they enter to an accredited institutions. That’s the reason why the opposition has been pursuing enlarge the benefit to all the universities, doesn´t matter if they are non-profit or not.

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