The WHO criticized Chilean permission to sell cannabis medicines without efficacy studies

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The World Health Organization (WHO) considered as risky the Chilean Government announcement of consenting the sale of medicines derivate from cannabis without preliminary studies to support its efficacy.

We have to remember that after the modification of the 405 decree from the Health Ministry, the government is pretending to consent the sale of medicines derivate from cannabis at pharmacies, deprived of any prescription and of course it would make easier to get the product.

The announcement was presented by the Public Health sub secretary, Jaime Burrows, in the frame of the congress discussion due to the project to modify the 20.000 law in order to decriminalize the self-cultivation of the marihuana.

However, the measure was criticized by the WHO by its representative in Chile, Roberto del Águila who assured that it’s dangerous for the population, because the majority of the medicines don´t have efficacy certification.

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