“Our Ocean” international conference closed with 80 new protective initiatives

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More than 500 people from 56 countries and among them 11 ministers, representatives from the civic society, academicals, NGOs, entrepreneurs and 60 expositors, participated this year from the second edition of “Our Ocean” international conference. Which also counted with the participation of John Kerry and price Alberto II.

The Chilean Minister of Foreign Affairs, Heraldo muñoz, pronounced the final balance at the end of the meeting. Highlighting the main announcements and agreements reached on the seminar.

Some of those are the protection of the oceans, which include an important number of measures in order to protect the Chilean Ocean.

Regarding Chile, they committed to protect 700 thousands km2 around Rapa Nui to safeguard the artisanal fishing and 13 thousand km2 on Juan Fernandez, for the creation of 5 marine parks.

But they also agreed some measures to fight the illegal fishing. For example, in Chile Sonapesca is going to create a new council about fishing certification and the European Union promised almost 700 million dollars to assure a sustainable fishing.

To sum more than 80 initiatives were accorded and this equate to more than 2100 million dollars committed by governments and philanthropists with the purpose of preserved our Ocean.

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