Budget for gratuity of education was shrunk to half of the preliminary one

ARCHIVO|Francisco Flores|Agencia UNO
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The director of Government budgets, Sergio Granados, confirmed this Thursday that the money for the implementation of the gratuity on the superior education in 2016 will be less than the budget the government preliminary announced.

The uncertainty has been surrounded the Government commitment of the gratuity on universities, professional institutes and technical formation centers.

At first the gratuity would be for the students coming from the 60% more vulnerable of the Chilean population, but as a clause, they should be studying only in institutions which are nonprofit corporations. But now the percentage was reduced to a 50 percent.

Another variation is the amount of the budget. Even though, Last May 21th president Bachelet announced 500 million dollars as the estimate, the Education Ministry, months ago, compacted it to possible 430 million dollars. Since then, the rumors about another cut increased and yesterday Sergio Granados had finally broke the ice, and ratified the rumors. The budget was shrunk to 255 million dollars, almost the half of the initial one.

To sum it will be 255 million dollars to benefit 200 thousands students with the non-paid of their annual tuitions.

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