Government will invoke state security law in reaction of a new truck incendiary attack in Ercilla

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COLLIPULLI, CHILE - Araucania’ s region Intendent, decides to submit a complaint invoking “state security law” in Collipulli’s Guarantee court, because of the incendiary attack placed last night in Pidima, which affected a truck.

The attack happened in the 582 km of the 5 South Route. Where unknowns burn and shot a truck, injuring the driver.
The Government decision is to summon the state security law, and it would be the Intendant himself, Andrés Jouannet, who is going to make the presentation to the tribunal.

In the meantime, they are awaiting the arrival of the Social Development secretary to Temuco, who is planning to have some activities in the area. Thus, it cannot be discarded his intervention in order to finish with the Conadi offices occupations.

After this Thursday special security committee meeting, leaded by Burgos secretary, in La Moneda presidential House. They appealed the anti-terrorist law for the state security.

“The Araucanias Intendent, would present a complaint invoking the state internal security law. We are going to take advantage of the public prosecutor work who is gathering many cases of truck burnings”. Said the Internal Secretary, Jorge Burgos.

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