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Luksic denies having asked for an appointment with Davalos: I “never” contacted Bachelet for Caval

Raúl Zamora | Agencia Uno
Raúl Zamora | Agencia Uno
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The vice president of Banco de Chile, Andronico Luksic, rejected having met with President Michelle Bachelet to discuss any subject related to Caval’s case and refuted Sergio Bustos sayings of having requested a meeting with Sebastian Davalos.

“I have never met or communicated with President Bachelet to discuss any issue related to Caval, its partners or executives,” said the businessman emphatically through a public statement.

In the statements given by Caval’s former adviser, Sergio Bustos, amid the labor’s lawsuit started on Monday against Caval. Bustos indicated that the vice president of Banco de Chile, Andronico Luksic, had requested the presence of Davalos at a meeting they held.

Luksic denied it and said the meeting was requested by Bustos to his secretary, on November 4, 2013, on behalf of Natalia Compagnon, Davalos’ wife, Manuel Valero and Bachelet’s son, Sebastian Davalos.

The businessman said “I did not request the presence of any of them.”

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