Two Colombian citizens were arrested, charged and taken into custody for 80 days in Alto Hospicio, Chile.

The Prosecutor’s Office believes Marvin Estupiñan Hurtado and Brayán Díaz Ardila are involved in the death of Crescencio Gómez Mamani, who allegedly hired them to kill his son and former wife.

According to the investigation, around 3am on 10 April, both men met up with Gómez, who paid them US$850.

After that, Díaz is accused of stabbing the 59-year-old victim sixteen times. The police says Estupiñan might have held this neck during the attack.

Investigators also established that both foreigners took Gómez’s phone and wallet. The victim bled to death near a school.

After an analysis of call traffic, Chile’s Homicide Brigade found the victim’s phone, which had been sold. That led to the arrests, thanks to a court order.

Under police questioning, both men sadi Gómez had offered them money to kill a woman who owed him over US$4,000.

Gómez showed them the house they needed to break into, Estupiñan and Díaz also told detectives.

The Police of Investigations confirmed that the house in cuestion was the victim’s home, who lived on the ground floor, with the woman and her son, a grown man, living upstairs.