Domingo 29 septiembre de 2019 | Publicado a las 15:32 · Actualizado a las 20:07
Video shows Chileans not reacting to major quake: "We are used to them"

A 6.6 magnitude quake hit Central Chile this Sunday afternoon. It was felt in six regions, from the country’s capital Santiago to Valdivia, roughly 800 kilometres from north to south.

According to the National Seismological Service (Sismología), the quake was at a depth of 31.4 kilometres, locating its epicentre 71 kilometres to the west of Constitución, below the Pacific Ocean.

Nevertheless, the National Emergency Office (Onemi in Spanish) informed that the Navy ruled out the possibility of a tsunami for the Chilean coast.

Social media exploded with videos, pictures and posts about the tremor in a country with constant seismic activity.

However, Twitter user @bryan27926 posted a video that perfectly sums up Chileans’ reaction to a quake: they do not move.

In his tweet, Bryan Fuentealba explained that he shot it at Santiago’s International Airport. Passengers kept looking at their mobile devices, did not stand up let alone showed any kind of anxiety over the tremor.

In the same video, a lady can be heard saying “we are used to them”.

Until 3.30pm, local time, no casualties have been informed and Sismología has reported 11 aftershocks following the 12.57pm tremor.

This is the fifth major quake registered in less than a week in Chile.

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