Chile run-off election: Patch Adams says he is happy not to support Piñera
Publicado por: Emilio Lara
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Chilean presidential candidate and former head of State seeking a second term in office, conservative billionaire Sebastián Piñera, thanked famed doctor Patch Adams on his official Twitter account on Thursday for his support ahead of Sunday’s run-off election.

“Thanks Dr Patch Adams with your example and career you have taught us to look with love at life’s simple things, thank those around us and enjoy laughter. I thank your support and your trust for a Chile with better times for health. Let’s go forward!”, Piñera wrote in Spanish on Twitter.

Nonetheless, and even though Mr Adams joined Argentina’s president, Mauricio Macri, and the wife of Venezuela’s opposition leader, Lilian Tintori, in the list of foreign supporters on the run-up to Sunday’s election, the renowned doctor categorically clarified that he does not support Piñera, that he does not like his views and that the more he hears about him, the happier he is to say it.

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On Thursday, Mr Adams’ team posted a statement in Spanish on his behalf, in which he said that even though he was preparing an official stance, he could immediately deny any kind of support towards Chile Vamos’ candidate.

Besides, he accused that his image had been used improperly and asked Piñera’s team to stop doing so.

This Friday, Adams shared a video and talked about the infamous encounter. He admitted that, during his latest visit to Chile, he was casually introduced to Piñera at a café, “in the same way I’d have met with Trump, who I don’t agree with anything on, except that he should be in jail”, he said.

He affirmed that the friend who set up the meeting did not have a hidden political goal and reaffirmed that he is not supporting Piñera in any way.

Not only that, but -Adams said- “the more I hear, the more I’m really glad I’m saying this”, he ended.

The candidate’s communications team issued a statement in which they regretted that the video they shot had been taken out of context and that there was a confusion regarding Adams’ comments.

“The video Patch Adams shot was a personal offer from him to Piñera after the conversation they had in which he valued Piñera’s human view regarding health, just like the video says”, they wrote.

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