The Finance Minister, rodrigo Valdés, lamented the failure of the dialogue between the Government and the officers of the Registro Civil who have been maintained the strike for 29 days.

The state secretary said that this kinds of paralization are not only illegal, are also unconstitutional. “The Constitution is very clear when it said that the public sector cannot be stopped”, Valdés emphasized.

He rejected to talk about the solicitation of the readjustment of 8%of the remunerations of the public sector. Arguing that he only knew the demand by the press and without receiving this request formally, pointing out that the conflict is under the charge of the Justice ministry.

He highlighted the necessity of reviewing the relation between the employees and the State, due to the successive negotiation process. ” we have a system that is not working properly, with strikes, successive negotiations, something that you dont see in others countries. In other places, the people negotiate just once with its employer”.