A strange situation lived Pedro Orellana some days ago after buying a product online, through the website of the retail store Abcdin.

The last October 14th, the man, from Concepción, decided to purchase at Abcdin website. Because of work troubles, Orellana needed a new computer and due to the characteristics and good price he chose this option.

The transaction was succesful and after six days , the product arrived to his house without problems, at least this was what Pedro thought.

“The product arrived to my house the 20th of October, I noticed that the brown box was sealed with a piece of scotch, but because of the Mac box looked good I thought everything was alright”, told the one affected.

But the big surprise came minutes later, when he opened the box of the computer and inside he found two pieces of wood. “I made a call to their call center to have an answer the same day, but they said to me that the would have it in two more days”, explained Orellana.

To his good luck, the store sent him a new computer, the one he had really bought. However and no matter the fast answer , Orellana indicated that the store did not contacted him to offer him an apology.