The rests of Jorge Matute Johns will be exhumed this Tuesday at the Parque del Recuerdo cemetery from San Pedro de la Paz. His relatives hope that finally he can rest. During almost 2 years his remainders were put under investigation. Finally the studies concluded that the man died due to the ingestion of barbituric acid.

The exhumation was a really difficult decision to take for his mother, María Teresa, but it gave the expected fruits because she is feeling even closer to find the truth.

She confirmed that the burial has been programed to this morning at 11.00 am, which will be done in a familiar environment. Followed by a religious ceremony officiated by the Concepción Archbishop, Fernando Chomali.

It’s important to mention that Jorge Matute Johns disappeared in 1999. His body was found 5 years later, but the circumstances of his death remained unknown.