The relations between the government and the officers of the Registro Civil are continuing on a dead point. Today will start a new week of paralyzation. This, after receiving the support of parliamentarians and the National Association of Fiscal employees (ANEF).

In the middle of the called to dialogue in order to reactivate the conflict, Nelly Díaz, the president of the association, said that the government has not mentioned the recognition of the agreement protocol signed with the minister Blanco. And assured that her only purpose is to dialogue and not to judge the work of a State secretary.

Deputy Tucapel Jimenez, joined the call coming from the ANEF and the paralyzed workers, and critiqued that functionaries and ministers have been sending each other messages through the press instead to create a table to solve the conflict.

The minister Javiera Blanco has been questioned due to her work on the conflict, by the UDI ( Independent democratic Union). As a reaction, the party is studying to invite her to an interpellation, and in addition, deputy Hasbún said that inclusively they are not rejecting the presentation of a constitutional accusation.