The discussion is open. Johnny Herrera turned on the moods when he assured of being the Chilean keeper with more titles in the Chilean Football history.

“ If we talk about results and history, because of what I did, I cannot find another keeper who has achieve what I did”, was the “Blue Samurai” phrase which incited an uncountable number of reactions and opened a debate that will always have many points of view.

Concretely, Johnny Herrera has 10 official titles in our country. Eight of those crowns belongs to the National championship. Those facts place him as one of the most winners’ football players, behind Luis Mena and David Henriquez. Then, the other trophies are on Copa Chile.

Not a minor amount of titles and which certainly put him as the keeper with more titles on the first division in the Chilean Soccer.

However, Marcelo Ramirez, el “Rambo”, has an interesting record book too. He was champion 7 times with Colo Colo on the first division. He stayed behind Herrera on these criteria. But in contrast the “Cacique” keeper lifted the Copa Chile up five times. Been over Herrera for 2 local titles.

Behind them appear the names of Sergio Vargas, Daniel Morón, Misael Escuti and Manuel Astorga. Instead symbolic names like Sergio Livingstone and Marco Antonio Cornez got just 2 tittles.

Otherwise, Claudio Bravo, the current captain of La Roja and player of the Barcelona of Spain has just one national title, the opening from 2006 with Colo Colo, but add up on the international context: the Spain second division trophy with the Real Sociedad on 2010. In addition the Spanish League with the Barcelona which won the Copa del Rey and The Champions League and also lead La Roja in the Copa America.

International tournaments

On the International level, Johnny Herrera has important achievements too. He was part of the team which obtained the Bronze Medal in the Olympics Games of Sidney 2000, He won the Copa Sudamericana with Universidad de Chile on 2011 and was part of the staff who lifted the Copa America 2015.

In the same way, according to the records, Daniel Morón has 3 international titles too. All with Colo Colo: Copa Libertadores of 1991, Recopa Sudamericana of 1992 y la Copa Interamericana of 1992.

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