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Adimark: Bachelet approval rating falls to 26% in latest opinion poll

ARCHIVO | Francisco Castillo | Agencia UNO
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The approval rating for president Michelle Bachelet fell 1 percentage points, reaching 26% in March. This according to the Adimark survey.

In February her approval rating got a 27%, while the disapproval remained at 67%.

This way, Bachelet stays eleven months below the 30 percentage points of approval, the most extensive period of the entire serie initiated 10 years ago.

In March, all the presidential attributes have presented a negative trend.

The main declines were noticed at topics like “she has good leadership skills”, which fell to 36%, 10 percentage points less than the latest survey.

Followed by “she is capable to face crisis”, which declined in 7 points, reaching 39%.

While only 36% of the respondents said she is trustworthy. Rate that compared with February, fell down 6 points.

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