SII announces strict monitoring to entrepreneurs with companies in tax havens

Unión Española – Deportes Iquique
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The Internal Revenue Service (SII), emitted a statement to announce a strict monitoring to the Chilean entrepreneurs who have participation in tax havens.

The document has relation with the leaking of the “Panama Papers”, that revealed that entrepreneurs like Agustín Edwards Eastman, Hernán Büchi, Alfredo Ovalle, among others, have offshore partnerships in tax havens.

” The SII announced today that is making a thorough monitoring of the Chileans mentioned in the international disclosure of the case named “Panama Papers”, state the text.

The statement points out, among other things, that the institution has a serie of agreements to reveal tax information, but there are nations that are not subscribed to these international accords.

Additionally the organism assured they have made exhaustive audits to people who have business or companies abroad.

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