Longueira would have leaked information of the tax reform to SQM

Jorge Matute Johns
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The inquiry that is being made by the Public Ministry is focused on the continuous information exchange, that Pablo Longueria (UDI) would have maintained with Patricio Contesse, ex CEO of Soquimich (SQM).

Regarding to this issue, The Clinic revealed new e-mails that account for how the ex Economy minister gave relevant information about the negotiation of the tax reform, that has been driven by the Government of Michelle Bachelet.

On july 8th of 2014 the protocol of agreement was signed to allow the cross approval of the new tax framework. And the day before, Pablo Longueira would have sent to Contesse the sketch that was modified later.

“Just for you, keep it confidential. We just finished it. Greetings. Pablo”

This is not the only transfer of relevant information related to this topic. Because, on August 9th of the same year, Longueira sent another email to Contesse, with the project corrections. Where he would have adviced to Alberto Arenas, the Financial Minister at that moment.

Additionally, there are others emails, unknowns until now, that have been sent in 2010, where Contesse, delivers to Longueira a proposal for the mining royalty. After the UDI supporter, revealed to him information stemming from the Mining Ministry.

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