The Hague: Government makes advances during the Bulnes-Insulza transition stage

Pablo Vera | Agencia UNO
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A transition stage is what Chile is facing in regard to the Bolivian demand submitted before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague. This as consequence of the resignation of Felipe Bulnes as the Agent and the designation of José Miguel Insulza to this charge.

Among the main changes are the incorporation of the lawyer Hernán Salinas to the juridical national team which is working on the defense. The professional is an expert at international right and previously he worked as member of the advisory board of the Chancellery related to this matter.

For the Chancellor, Heraldo Muñoz, the current stage clearly is of “transition”, due to still remaining some works of coordination with Felipe Bulnes. One of those works is the meeting between the Chancellor, Insulza, the ex-agent and the international lawyers who are representing the Chilean interests before The Hague.

Muñoz used the opportunity to valuate the work of agent that Insulza will make, trying to silence to the voices who are pointing to the attempt of the ex-general secretary of the OAS of taking a protagonist role by passing the minister.

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