Cyber Monday expect to exceed the US$76 millions through participation of 85 companies

Matías Delacroix | Agencia UNO
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85 companies are going to be part of the 2015 CyberMonday. The event that will be put into practice between 00:00 am of the next Monday 16th and wednesday 18th of November has been launched today.

CIC, Adidas, Paris, Lahsen, 3M and Cinemark, are part of the brands which are going to participate of this initiative, drive by the Trade Camara of Santiago.

Regarding to the event, the director of the Digital Economic Center of the CCS, George Lever, pointed out that “this 2015 are trying to give a very positive to an event which main purpose is to incentivate the electronic market in our country”.

On this version, the expectations of the organization are ambicious because they expect to exceed the 2014 results, where the sales reached the US$76 million, the visits surpassed the 18 millions and more than 300.000 transactions were made. This is 9 times more than in a normal day.

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