Registro Civil and ANEF submitted complaint before the OIT due to anti-union practices

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Such as was announced, the National Association of Fiscal Employees (ANEF) and the officers of the Registro Civil have presented an appeal of complaint before the Work International Organization(OIT), due to the presumed anti-union practices by the Government in the frame of the service’s strike.

After the complaint was submitted, the ANEF president, Raúl de la Puente, explained that the sue will be known publicly the next Friday in Geneva, Switzerland.

The leader has detailed that the action has been originated because of the hiring of the called ” strike-breakers” and as a reaction against the threatenings received by the employees during the 39 days of strike.

On his behalf, Nelly Diaz, leader of the officers of the Registro Civil, cleared up that since the strike was over they should face the consecuences of the mobilization; thus, they need the international protection.

Regarding to the situation, the minister of Justice, Javiera Blanco, avoided refer about the employees’ faculty, and assured that the Government is going to act according to the legality of the process, rejecting any reprisal.

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