Chile sent two notes of protest to Peru due to military presence at Hito 1

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The Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent two notes of protest to the Peruvian Chancellery.

The first was sent to the Government of Peru because it was not informed with the proper anticipation the military presence at Hito 1, according to the compromises adopted between the Chilean and Peruvian Armies in the frame of the bilateral agreement of 1978.

While the second note was delivered to the business manager of Peru in Chile, Carlos Chávez. This note referred about the postponement of the meeting of consulting mechanisms and politics coordination, programmed for December 7th in Lima. Therefore Chile desisted of having the bilateral gathering.

According to sources of Radio Bío Bío inside the Chancellery, the decision was taken due to the incidents of the last weeks, after the persistence of Peru to denominate to the terrestrial triangle where Hito 1 is located, as the Yarada los Palos district. Declaring the place as Peruvian territory.

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